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Type C AL+PC led tube

Type C AL+PC led tube

100-277V line voltage

External Driver

High quality pc cover

High-tech optical design

Type C AL+PC led tubeType C AL+PC led tube
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type-c led t8 tube with external driver


1.The best choice for fluorescent light fixture without the cover retrofit kit, safer with external power supply.

2.High rebate.

3. 0-10V dimming control optional.

4.Can be connected to the intelligent control system to work together.

5.The special circuit design avoids the problem caused by the single broken LED.

6.Utilizes high-efficiency class 2 constant current driver.

7.One driver for 2, 3, or 4 LED tubes available. 

8.Energy saving: up to 70%

9.Eco-friendly: no UV or IR radiation, mercury free.

Key Features:

Type C t8 led tube configuration

Type C AL+PC led tube

Installation instructions:

Type C 4ft t8 led tube install guide

type-c led tube packaging

Led lighting factory introduction video| ARK Lighting

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