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smart led tube lights

smart led tube lights

ARK Lighting's smart led tube lights, with motion sensor and daylighting sensor, support dimming & CCT tunable white, can be control by Bluetooth wireless lighting control system.

smart led tube lightssmart led tube lightssmart led tube lightssmart led tube lightssmart led tube lightssmart led tube lights
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Smart led tube lights benefits

The ARK LED T8 lamp offers an easy and safe energy-saving retrofit solution for fluorescent T8 tubes, with 140 lumens per watt. The long-lasting and high-quality ARK is powered by an external driver, allowing the bypass of the existing ballast to eliminate compatibility issues and maintenance costs associated with ballasts.

The ARK LED T8 lamp provides superior quality uniform, flicker-free lighting in a complete package. It uses about half the energy as fluorescent T8 tubes, with up to 70% reduction of overall operating costs.

The UL, cUL, and RoHS certified lamps are available in 2’, 3’ and 4’ lengths, in 4 different wattages (12W, 14W and 18W), with the form, fit and function of traditional T8 fluorescent lamps.

smart led tube lights

   Smart led tube lights features:

1. Input at AC100-277V.

2. 3000K,3500K,4000K,4500K,5000K CCT tunable white.

3. 150lm/w without cover or 140lm/w with cover.

4. The external driver from 9w to 72w.

5. Dimming optional.

6. Magnet adhesive, and installation hole on both ends.

7. Five years warranty.

Structures of smart led tube lights

smart led tube lights structure

Specification of smart led tube lights

1x4ft led tube2x4ft led tube3x4ft led tube4x4ft led tube
Luminous Flux110/140LM110/140LM110/140LM110/140LM
Luminous Flux110/140LM110/140LM110/140LM110/140LM
Luminous Flux110/140LM110/140LM110/140LM110/140LM
DLC certificationY
Dimension1.1" X 47"1.1" X 47"1.1" X 47"1.1" X 47"
Light SourceSMD2835 LED
Luminous Efficacy>110/140lm/w
Operation Temp-40 to +45℃
2700K -- 6700K CW
Life Span50,000 hours at 25℃
Voltage100-277VAC / 50-60HZ
DriverUL listed power supply
Emergency ModuleAvailable
SensorDaylight sensor Microwave motion available 2 & 1
Beam Angle120°
Warranty5 Years

Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control Switch

Bluetooth APP Switch

Support iOS, Android phones.

Easily add and manage lamps and smart switches.

* Use APP to group lamps.

* Set lighting scenes.

* Manage timer tasks.

* Configure delay time of human motion sensor.

* Configure group linkage control.

* Manage lamps of different areas in one smartphone.

* Share control privilege among smartphones

* Assign different privileges to staff to manage lamps.

* Compatible with most Android phones

smart led tube lights bluetooth app control

Bluetooth Panel Switch

Powered by two AAA batteries.

Bluetooth communication.

No wires needed. Easy installation: suitable for surface-mounted or recessed in the wall. Or just leave it on the desk.

When the voltage less than 2.6V, press any buttons and the red light flashes.

smart led tube lights panel switch

Industries We Serve

Intelligent energy-efficient lighting control system

smart led tube lights application

smart led tube lights project

smart led tube lights
smart led tube lights

Installation instructions:

1. This type of T8 tube is G13 base ;

2. This LED tube light works with magnetic ballast with LED starter ;

3.Installation operating temperature range: 0~ +4 0℃

smart led tube lights install guide

*This lamp may not be suitable for use in all applications where a traditional fluorescent lamp has been used. The temperature range of this lamp is more restricted. In cases of doubt regarding the suitability of the application, the manufacturer of this lamp should be consulted.

*This lamp is designed for general lighting service. (excluding, for example, explosive atmospheres)

Wiring of the smart led tube lights:

smart led tube lights wiring


smart led tube lights package img

Carton size125.5*20.5*1935.2*30.5*10.8
Package size(mm)20'GP : 5898×2352×2385
1x1 tube:8400PCS

1x2 tube:8400PCS

1x3 tube:8400PCS

1x4 tube:8400PCS

20'GP : 960*1100*1000
40'GP :12032×2352×2385
A: 1280*1080*940
B: 1280*1080*1130

1x1 tube:18900PCS

1x2 tube:21600PCS

1x3 tube:21600PCS

1x4 tube:22950PCS

40'GP :1260*1100*1100
40'HQ :12032×2352×2690
A: 1280*1080*1320
B: 1280*1080*1130

1x1 tube:23100PCS

1x2 tube:26400PCS

1x3 tube:26400PCS

1x4 tube:27900PCS

40'HQ :1260*1100*1230

how motion & daylight sensor works?

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