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D shape T8 Led tube UL DLC

D shape T8 Led tube UL DLC

270 viewing angle, wider lighting area.

Unique design, different from most of LED tubes in the market.

All PC Cover, with frosted cover.

D shape T8 Led tube UL DLC D shape T8 Led tube UL DLC D shape T8 Led tube UL DLC
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AC Power 100-277Vdirectly by two ends.

Power factor: same as ballast in use,usually>0.95.

High-tech optical design.

92% light transmittance as Glass but not break, shatterproof and food safety .

PC LED tube is competed environment friendly.

Flat base, save package space and shipping cost.

High efficiency 10W 1650LM, 12W 1800LM


t8 led tube d shape specification

D shape T8 Led tube UL DLC

Installation instructions:

D tube

Method A: Work with magnetic ballast 

Connect with Magnetic ballast:

1.Turn off the power

2.Remove the  fluorescent tube

3.Install ARK led tube in one end

4.Turn on the light

D tube

If ballast broken, can rewiring AC96-265V connect directly

Method B:AC220-240V Connect Directly:

1.Turn off the power

2.Take out the ballast and starter,rewiring

3.AC 96-265V connect directly

4.Turn on the light.

t8 led tube light China package

Led lighting factory introduction video| ARK Lighting

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