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UL DLC Nano T8 LED tube

UL DLC Nano T8 LED tube

input voltage: 100-277v

material:  Nano

correlated color temperature: 3000k—6000k

power: 9w 10w 12w 14w 18w

UL DLC Nano T8 LED tubeUL DLC Nano T8 LED tubeUL DLC Nano T8 LED tube
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Advantages :

Perfect compatibility with instant start Electronics ballast with no floating power .

Specialized PC cover design for optimal light distribution and smooth visual effect.

Removable cap to save the maintenance costs and extend its service life.

Highly energy efficiency, meet the requirement of ERP and DLC.

Power factor: same as ballast in use,usually>0.95.

High-tech optical design.

Configuration :

nano led light

UL DLC Nano T8 LED tube
UL DLC Nano T8 LED tube

Installation instructions:

a,work with electronic ballast ,no need rewiring

b,If ballast broken, can rewiring AC100-277V connect directly

nano led t8 light install

Method A: Work with magnetic ballast

Connect with Magnetic ballast:

1.Turn off the power

2.Remove the  fluorescent tube

3.Install ARK led tube in one end 

4.Turn on the light

how to bypass a ballast to install nano led tubes

If ballast broken, can rewiring AC96-265V connect directly

Method B:AC100-277V Connect Directly:

1.Turn off the power

2.Take out the ballast and starter,rewiring

3.AC 100-277V connect directly

4.Turn on the light.

UL DLC Nano T8 LED tube

Led lighting factory introduction video| ARK Lighting

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