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What are 2x4 led retrofit kit?

Nov. 05, 2020


What are 2x4 led retrofit kit?



What are 2x4 LED Retrofit Kits? 2 x 4 led retrofit kits are magnetic led light strip for 2 x 4 recessed commercial lighting equipped with drivers, wires, and magnets for easy and fast installation.


In large-scale lighting installations, such as commercial lighting applications found in commercial offices, one type of lighting equipment is often reused in a vast grid.


In the office, lighting fixtures are usually made to fit drop ceiling layouts. These fixtures (sometimes called "troffer") are the most common because they look like dark slots with lights in the center.



A 2x4 LED retrofit kits is usually little more than an LED light with an integrated connection allowing the new magnetic led light strip to easily sit in the old troffer fixture.


Because LED lights use only a fraction of the energy consumed by the traditional filament and fluorescent bulbs, LED retrofit kits are a smart way to cut total energy costs to your business or facility.

By using an LED retrofit kit, your business can replace a traditional light bulb (or lamp) with an LED equivalent, without replacing the existing lighting fixture or lighting installation.


Since LED lamps consume only a small part of the energy consumed by traditional filaments and fluorescent lamps, LED retrofit kits are a wise way to reduce the total energy cost of enterprises or institutions.

By using LED retrofit kits, your business can replace traditional recessed lighting with magnetic led light strip without replacing existing lighting fixtures or lighting fixtures.


2x4 Led retrofit kit  Makes lighting update Difference

LED retrofit kit has made lighting small, more lightweight, and more efficient than ever before. Using an LED lighting retrofit kit allows you to upgrade to the benefits of LED lighting without incurring the costs of replacing all your lighting fixtures. And, because the upgrade is typically as simple and changing a bulb, it cuts down on expert labor expenses.


If you don’t yet know the difference between an LED troffer, recessed lighting, troffer retrofit kit, and drop ceiling layouts, not to worry. ARK Lighting is here to help you learn everything you need to know when choosing the right retrofit lighting solution. Click here to contact us.

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