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Human Centric Lighting Case study

Nov. 04, 2020

Human Centric Lighting Case study

(Ark /Tiosl Lighting auto CCT fade tunable white led panel light helps to set human centric lighting)


All living beings have an ‘inner clock’ called circadian rhythm, and humans are no exception. In short, it means we rise with the sun and go to sleep when it sets. Right light at the right time can influence everything from our sleep to how we feel and perform. That is why human-centric lighting (HCL) is beneficial for schools, health facilities, offices and industrial buildings.


Daylight stimulates us, and influences our moods and activity level. As we spend much time indoors, the characteristics of artificial light becomes significant. HCL solutions can compensate for the lack of daylight and contribute to the natural circadian rhythm of humans.


The Customer from Germany had the request,“It is for a company with an old industry hall that they want to recreate as offices. No production inside anymore, they need to enhance the light quality.Ark/Tiosl offers auto tunable white panel, CCT automatically changed by customer’s setting. Customer can adjust CCT automatically by using “TIOSL/SL solution” auto fade function.


Our smart lighting system has AUTO-FADEfunction, which customer can have their own setting in a different time. Like in the morning, start from 9 AM, the CCT is 4000K, 12AM is 5300K, the CCT changes smoothly during that period of time, the setting is by the customer, the CCT fading is automatic.


Human Centric Lighting Case study

Ark/Tiosl offers LED tunable white panel, Led tunable troffer, led tunable white led tube and led tunable white magnetic strip kits, can work with the our smart lighting system, meet customers human centric lighting requirement.

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