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Smart led lighting: The trend of future lighting

Nov. 06, 2020

Smart led lighting: The trend of future lighting

As the effect of global warming becomes more and more insidious, the need for energy efficiency is heightened. This has engendered developments such as the smart grid, smart cars, and smart home appliances. One of the technologies in later development is the smart lighting product and it is majorly designed for energy efficiency. According to studies and surveys, smart led lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways of minimizing energy consumption in the home. Since lighting makes up 19% of global energy use, it is expedient that we find ways to make the concept global as it will afford us tremendous savings if it can be used in the majority of homes, offices, commercial, industry, etc.

Smart led lighting is a category of smart building technology that often acts as the first step in automated IoT technology adoption. Smart lighting uses intelligent, connected devices to make buildings more sustainable, responsive, secure, and healthy for the people in them. It uses networked lighting sensors to control all lighting throughout a building. Smart led lighting systems automatically respond to changing room occupancy and use collected data to optimize the energy consumption of lighting systems, which typically accounts for 20 percent of a building’s overall energy consumption.

With smart led lighting you can manage the lighting easily, and more efficiently. Such as Smart bulbs screw into the existing sockets in your home and your phone can be used to provide full control of the lighting. It’s never been easier to create ambiance in your home or set the lighting to match your activities. Control smart lighting via an app, with your voice, or using smart controls. And don’t worry, your good old switches also still work. It’s so much more than just a fancy way to control the lighting in your home. Smart lights actually help simplify and improve the quality of life. A smart led lighting automation system leverages the data it collects to help optimize space, enhance security, and automate ambient control. With a smart lighting solution, companies can reduce energy consumption, save money, and more easily meet corporate sustainability targets. Those that install highly efficient, networked smart led products may also receive utility incentives.

Smart led lighting: The trend of future lighting

Apart from the benefit of saving energy, smart led lighting systems to afford us ease and comfort as it can be controlled either using your voice or a mobile app. It is also touted as an affordable means of home redecoration; providing homeowners with a variety of colors and styles.

In essence, smart lighting opens you up to a world of possibilities; it reduces the amount you spend on energy bills and it also makes your home more aesthetically pleasing. Another important is smart led Lighting in the office, it should be adapted to individual needs and activities, which change every now and then throughout the day. Proper lighting is indispensable for fatigue-free work when switching between computer work, reading on paper, and using mobile devices. Balanced lighting enhances vision and visual comfort. Intelligent sensors not only consider the influence of daylight but also the presence at the workplace, in order to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Biodynamic light additionally supports the employees' well-being.

With the continuous development of LED lighting, People are paying more and more attention to healthy light and individuation of light. The dynamics of natural daylight are the foundation of our well-being. So Tunable White technology via app enables intelligently controlled lighting concepts for all administrative buildings, offices, production halls, educational establishments, and salesrooms that support the internal clock and thus well-being, health, motivation, concentration, and can change the light of the LED luminaires individually or programmed by APP continuously from warm to neutral to cold white. This not only opens up new possibilities for staging light, but it also makes it possible to recreate a natural lighting process throughout the day even in windowless rooms.

Another way is now market called Human Centric Lighting (HCL)-compatible design, which places people at the center of lighting design, takes many other aspects into account in addition to sufficient daylight input into the rooms: On the one hand, there is the individual visual requirement - older people often need higher illuminance levels. On the other hand, the current activity - most people can concentrate better on neutral white light and are therefore more efficient but prefer warm white light for creative work, meetings, and relaxation during breaks. In conjunction with the "Internet of Things", i.e. intelligent building IT, our technology will make it possible in the future to create lighting concepts that not only reflect the natural course of light but also take account of individual biorhythms and personal lighting requirements. With Tunable White technology, rooms can be used more multi-functionally: The foyer, which is brightly lit during the day, is transformed into a cozy after-work or event area in the evening... everything via the app, the operation is simple but the enjoyment is endless.

Now more and more people accept smart led lighting because we believe that it’s The trend of future lighting. It will bring more convenience, health, and happiness in people's life.TIOSL led smart lighting has been only focusing on one thing committed to making Smart led lighting control systems better serve people's work and life. Over the years, based on the actual needs of customers, combined with the characteristics of LED lighting, we have provided customers with the fittest and the most economical smart lighting control system solutions. Saving costs for customers, enhancing product competitiveness, increasing product profits, enhancing customer satisfaction, and meanwhile letting customers enjoy the convenience brought by our system and letting our customers get more benefit on the economy and health.

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