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Led Troffer Retrofit kit lights

Led Troffer Retrofit kit lights

ARK Lighting innovative Lensed led troffer lights retrofit kit series offer service is retrofitted into most existing 2x2 led troffer and 2x4 led troffer in just about 10 minutes.

Led Troffer Retrofit kit lightsLed Troffer Retrofit kit lights
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LED TROFFER Retrofit kit


Quick Installation of Lensed Retrofit Kit in existing luminaire without the need to break the ceiling plenum.

Edge-Lit LED light source hence very thin profile.

True to Life Color Rendering CRI of 83

Custom CCTs available upon request

LM-80 chip yields over 100,000-hour L70 lifetime using

TM-21 extrapolation


Galvanized steel body.

Reflective white finish improves retrofit efficacy

Standard Dimension for 2x4 & 2x2 Retrofits

Fits Most of Existing 2x4 Troffer without having to remove the fixture.



ARK Lensed Retrofit Kits are supplied with a 0-10v simple dimming driver Compatible with standard 0-10v dimming controls



ARK22R24DN130(XXK)2' x 2'20w150lm/w
ARK22R30DN130(XXK)2' x 2'24w130lm/w

ARK24R20DN150(XXK)2' x 4'20w150lm/w
ARK24R28DN150(XXK)2' x 4'30w150lm/w
ARK24R40DN130(XXK)2' x 4'40w130lm/w
ARK24R50DN130(XXK)2' x 4'50w130lm/w

Led Troffer Retrofit kit lights

Installation instructions:

LED TROFFER Retrofit kit


Led Troffer Retrofit kit lights

led troffer retrofit kit installation conversion kit

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