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Zhaga Smart PIR Motion Sensor

Zhaga Smart PIR Motion Sensor


PIR Sensor

5 years warranty

Wireless smart Bluetooth mesh lighting control system

Zhaga Smart PIR Motion SensorZhaga Smart PIR Motion SensorZhaga Smart PIR Motion SensorZhaga Smart PIR Motion SensorZhaga Smart PIR Motion Sensor
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Zhaga Smart PIR Motion Sensor

Zhaga Smart PIR Motion Sensor

Product Range:

1. Communication protocol : Bluetooh Mesh.

2. Communication frequency : 2405~2480MHz.

3. Max output power : 8 DBm.

4. Communication distance : 100m. (328 ft.)

5.Installation height: <15m (49 ft. Empty environment)

6. Size: 50mm(L) x 50mm(W) x35.3mm (H) 

7. 5 years warranty.

8. Photosensitive sensing distance : 10~1000Lux.

9. Working condition and temperature : -20℃~+60℃.

10. Acceptance sensitivity: -92dB.

11. Input voltage: DC12V.

Note: Do not use in a large metal area or in the vicinity of strong electromagnetic waves.





Zhaga Smart Mircowave Motion Sensor

Bluetooth mesh wireless smart lighting control system

We offer customized solutions to your problems with superior smart lighting and control products by 12 years of manufactures experiences.

Zhaga Smart Mircowave Motion Sensor

Benefits of Installing Zhaga Bluetooth PIR Motion Sensor
With Ark Lighting Control System

· Wireless bluetooth mesh connection.

· No gate, password, internet or cloud connection needed.

· Area/Group control, group linkage.

· Visualized map, by using blueprint or photo to install or control light.

· Real-time energy-saving calculation.

· Auto emergency battery test.

Bluetooth mesh wireless app & remote control

Bluetooth APP ControlSmart UFO led high bay light

Support iOS, Android phones.

Easily add and manage lamps and smart switches.

* Use APP to group lamps.

* Set lighting scenes.

* Manage timer tasks.

* Configure delay time of human motion sensor.

* Configure group linkage control.

* Manage lamps of different areas in one smartphone.

* Share control privilege among smartphones

* Assign different privileges to staff to manage lamps.

* Compatible with most Android phones

Bluetooth Remote Control

Bluetooth mesh network control UFO high bay led remote control

Smart UFO led high bay light  

Electricity statistics

(sofeware function)

        In this interface, the customer can intuitively see the maximum power of the luminaire, 

       the watt light parameters of the time power. 

       Enter the electricity bill, you can check the cost of the lighting electricity, as well as the energy saving costs.

        The new version adds the power statistics function, which aims to let customers 

        have a detailed understanding of the power consumption of all their lamps, and understand 

        the power costs that the system helps them save.

Smart UFO led high bay light

Visualized Commissioning

(sofeware function)

        By taking pictures of the real scene of the construction site or importing the real scene map, 

       the map of the location of the luminaire will be automatically generated in the APP, and the location

       of the area and the location of the luminaire.


        New features will help customers quickly find their target fixtures and view the distribution of all fixtures.

Industries We Serve

The intelligent energy-efficient Bluetooth mesh network IOT lighting control system

12 years experience wholesale lighting company UFO led high bay manufacturers 

Smart UFO led high bay light fixture commercial lighting applications

Zhaga Smart PIR Motion Sensor

Installation instructions:

Zhaga Smart PIR Motion Sensor


how motion & daylight sensor works?

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