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What is your core competitiveness?

Dec. 10, 2020

No rebates! What is your core competitiveness?


We know every state in Australia has a Subsidies policy, which has driven the replacement of LED lighting projects.

But if lighting Rebates ending, no rebates how can we continue to ensure the interests of our customers?


Follows news I think you knew:

VIC LED Lighting Rebates ending soon: The VIC lighting rebates have been reviewed under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEU; formerly known as VEET). Changes to the government rebates available for commercial LED lighting upgrades will take place starting from June 2021.

1)Starting from 30 June 2021, the rebates will be reduced by 40%

2)From 31 January 2022, rebates will be reduced further by 60%

3)Rebates are fully removed by 31 January 2023

NSW Gov has presented preliminary modeling that suggests halving the current ESS lighting rebates.


No rebates! What is your core competitiveness?


Price?  I think you can get too many unexpected lowest prices in China, the vicious price competition can only damage us.


High light efficiency? There is a limitation of led industry technology, now some factory can do 200LM/W for the full lamp;

but If you want to do a certain proportion of promotion, it is very difficult. And if you can do High light efficiency, everyone can get it soon.


Long warranty? everyone can confirm you only you want!


Energy-saving? YES! this has always been the most important of led products, that is our real core competitiveness!  The more energy-saving, the lower electricity fees! How to maximize energy-saving?  Except for high light efficiency, another is smart control!


Smart led products can save 40-50% more energy than ordinary LED products under the same conditions.

We have done some test at our warehouse,the test result as follows :

One is 10pcs normal 100W UFO high bay, one month 717kW.h, electricity fees:932.1RMB

Another is 10pcs smart 100W UFO high bay, one month 378.7kW.h, electricity fees:492.31RMB

One month saving 338.3kW.h, electricity fees 439.79RMB, more energy-saving 47%.

One year can save 4659.6kW.h, electricity fees 5277.48RMB. If installing more lights, the result will be even more surprising!


TIOSL smart lighting, with our own designed APP, for all customers to provide the most professional, the most affordable smart control solutions! especially SAA listed 180LM/W Smart UFO high bay, SAA listed 130LM/W Smart led backlit panel light help customers win more benefits.


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