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Installation Instruction Magnetic LED light strip Troffer Retrofit Kit

Dec. 11, 2020

Installation Instruction Magnetic LED light strip Troffer Retrofit Kit


Easy to install Magnetic Led Light Strip Retrofit Kits replace fluorescent tubes in your LED troffers, wrap and strip fixtures. The kits can be easily field installed using no tools with minimum modification to the existing fixtures, eliminating the need for fixture tombstones and ballasts. The magnetic driver and LED strips conveniently mount to any style fluorescent lighting fixture. Available in a range of wattages, sizes, color temperatures and lumen packages, 0-10V dimmable and UL listed. These are the fastest and easiest LED retrofit solution of any strip fixture or LED troffer upgrades on the market.


This LED troffer retrofit kit is designed to replace fluorescent lamps within conventional recessed mount fluorescent troffers or surface mount strip fixtures in dry and damp locations.

Four Steps And Five Minutes to Install, Quick, Easy

Step 1: turn off the power, remove the fluorescent lamp, ballast, and all the other parts.

Step 2: Fasten the strips and driver(Simple magnetic installation)

Step 3: The driver wire connects with kit wire, use insulated caps to connect the power line and driver’s line.

Step 4: Install all the cover of the driver, close the fixture cover and turn it on.




Make sure the power supply is OFF before installing or maintaining the product.




· Warehouses

· LED Shelf Lighting

· Workshops

· Factories

· Garages

· Hospitals

· Schools

· Offices

· Commercial Complexes

· Shops

· High Bays/ Low Bays

· Strip Lights



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