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What do you need to know about LED Linear high bay

Nov. 18, 2020

What do you need to know about LED Linear high bay


There are few things more essential to a safety workplace than lighting. And when it comes to large indoor spaces, DLC LED linear high bay are the ideal solutions. They are one of our higher output fixtures and can illuminate vast vertical and horizontal spaces. We offer adjustable led linear high bays in different configurations so here are some quick facts:


Available in 2 ft.80W, 100W and 150W, & 4 ft. 185W, 240W, and 300W

160lm/W high lumens

3500-6000K White Color Temperature

120° Beam Angle

120-277V/ 347-480V Working Voltage

Frosted Diffuser Lens

Includes V-brackets & Chains for Pendant Mounting


You might be asking, “These features sound great and all, but what's it going to do for me?” So if you need a deeply look, here are a few benefits that you can take more advantages of using the DLC LED linear high bay.


0-10V Dimming

Our LED linear high baysis compatible with 0-10V dimmers, saving you even more on your electricity bill. When you dim this LED Linear high bay, the wattage lowers along with its light output because it requires less power. However, not every dimmer will work with this luminaire since many have wattage restrictions.



LED driver of this LED linear high bay is externally placed, extending its lifespan to 60000 hours. Many high bay fixtures on the market are one solid body with their drivers built-in. To achieve a longer lifespan, the linear high bay's external LED driver is kept a half inch away from the main body. This allows airflow more room to pass through, providing better heat dissipation to extend the LED high bay’s operating life.


Broadly Applicable

Many industrial and commercial buildings benefit from and require LED high bay lighting. These areas are often vast and have high ceilings which are needed to house inventory or tall equipment. Some common settings include:


Distribution Centers

Manufacturing Facilities


Department Stores


How Many Fixtures Do I Need?

To find out how many fixtures you need to achieve full light coverage, you must first measure your space’s dimensions. Enter these numbers in a light layout visualizer or calculator that you can find online.


As an example, we’ll use the dimensions of a high school basketball court. Indoor basketball courts are wide in space and have high ceilings because of the sports activity that take place, making LED linear high bays a necessity.


We will determine this baseline with’s Visual Interior Tool using another product with similar specs. With a length of 84 feet, a width of 50 feet, and a 43 ft. high ceiling, we recommend using 6 LED linear high bays and arranging them in a 3x2 array. This will yield 28-foot candles each.


We suggest hang mounting the linear high bays using the included V-brackets and chains. In our example, we chose 43 feet as the height because that is the tallest height you can set the high bays without leaving unlit zones within an 84x50 space. You can still surface mount them on your ceiling, but you may need to install additional fixtures.

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