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Smart lights change life

Nov. 19, 2020

Smart lights change life

Smart lights change our life. 

Now you can take the kind of control over your lighting that was long thought of as science-fiction. Can you use your smartphone to operate the lights in your home?

It might sound like something from the future, but the technology is already here, and it's here to stay.

So what is smart lighting?

Smart lighting systems connect to your Bluetooth and allow you to operate your lights through a smartphone app. You can adjust the color temperature of lighting fixtures or change the color of them completely. Set up schedules so the lights switch on and off at specific times. Activate your lights when you’re away on holiday to make it look like someone’s home, deterring would-be burglars.

Some smart lighting systems, such as Tiosl, meaning you can use app to operate your lighting. This allows you to get really creative with how you use your lights.

You could set the time in your smart app when you’re going to bed and the lights will switch off as you’re on your way upstairs. Set it closed as you’re on your way out of the door and let your lights switch themselves off then, too.

The future of smart lighting

Smart lighting will be one aspect of the Internet of Things (IoT), a network of ‘smart’ appliances that are connected to the internet.

Imagine setting this morning schedule via your smartphone:

Your alarm sounds and you switch it off (or snooze it) with a sleepy voice command. A few minutes later, the lights slowly come on, or the window blinds roll up to coax you out of bed.

Barely noticed by you, the lights in each room activate as you stagger around the house getting ready. The toast pops and the coffee machine finishes brewing just as you step into the kitchen.

Imagine this technology across a whole city, where streetlights activate when cars are nearby. A city where traffic lights are synced exactly with the vehicles approaching and the headlights of the cars themselves are automatically tuned to match the conditions outside.

Why should be add smart lighting to your home?

Smart lighting may be a new concept for you. And we promise it’s more than just a fancy way to control the lighting in your home. It actually helps simplify and improve quality of life. Have a look:

Smart Lighting is Convenient

Think about the lights in your home, the number of relating light switches, and the amount of time you spend every day, especially at night & making the rounds in your home to make sure they’re off. With smart lighting those days are finished.

Home Security with Smart Lights

Smart lighting can also serve as home security Link switches, fixtures, and smart plugs to any motion sensors/detectors you have around the house, that could be a smart thermostat, camera, or stand alone motion sensor.

Set the lights to activate with motion or sound as the trigger. Ideally on the off chance that somebody is sneaking around outside (or more terrible, breaks in) and the lights turn on, it's sufficient to make thieves think twice.

However, having the lights turn on and off randomly in a way that makes it look as though someone is truly at home. Smart light switches can do this automatically.

Smart Lights for Ambiance & Set the Scene

Set the mood in any room with smart lighting features like dimming and color ambiance.

Smart lighting can help your home environment adapt to each and every one of your activities like watching movies, daytime or nighttime reading, connect with friends and family, celebrate dinner parties, etc.

Within a scene, which is programmable in your smart app. you can adjust brightness, color temperature and even different hues. When you've changed a room's lights perfectly, save those settings as a scene with a unique label. Once your scene is set up, you're only an app tap away from your favorite mood lighting.

schedule your lights by app

Any lighting system marked as smart should be able to operate on a schedule.

To schedule your lights, first look to the Authorized Apps for your specific hardware. Whether that's a wall switch, smart plugs, or troffer, High bay etc.

Within the application, look for scheduling options for your device. There you can choose to have lights turn on (and off) at specific times.

If there's a choice for sunrise and sunset timing, you have to use that. It's a lot easier than choosing specific hours of the day, or confirming exact times. And don't forget to select options for your exact location, along with daylight saving data. It'll save you from having to manually adjust the schedule as daylight hours shorten and lengthen throughout the year.

Group Lights for Greater Control

An effective way to use smart lights is to group them together by room or zone. For example, you can schedule all of the lights in your basement go dark after midnight. Or, after 1 a.m. make every light on the main level to dim to 20 percent brightness. So You get the idea.

You can do these two ways; using the app for your lighting fixtures. Then, you can schedule the entire room or group to turn on or off at a specific time.

It’s Time to Make the “Switch”

The effect that smart lighting can have on your home and way of life is so far reaching and significant, it’s hard to justify using old-fashioned lights. Smart lighting solutions come in so many varieties, in so many price ranges, and in so many styles, there’s a something for every household—whether you’re looking to increase your home security, enhance your home’s beauty, save energy, or enjoy greater convenience.


Tiosl Smart lights have one of the widest ranges of any smart lighting fixtures out there and are capable of creating multiple scenes and presets with just a few taps of the app.

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