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ARK Smart lighting system contrast wifi, zigbee

Oct. 18, 2019

Smart lighting system uses Bluetooth mesh network

Tunable white troffer commercial led lighting

What is Bluetooth mesh network?

Bluetooth works in the form of a mesh network. Point in the picture is equivalent to the light. can be completed by the mobile phone, physical switches and other controllers to control the lights in the entire network. The lights are connected to each other, passing instructions, without affecting the work of the whole network because of the damage of one point.

Bluetooth VS Wifi

Frequency brand2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Communication range20-400 Meters20-200 Meters
Transmitted power
Standby power consumption
Mutual inter FerenceLowHigh

1.Power saving: 

Bluetooth transmit power and standby power consumption are lower than WIFI. 

In standby mode, sharing with one device, Wi-Fi sharing averages 10% of power in one hour, but Bluetooth power consumption is 1/3 of WIFI.

2.Better security and better anti-interference: 

Bluetooth security reaches the US federal security specification level. 

Especially for Wi-Fi and LTE signals, it can avoid "signal blockage" in a limited space to a certain extent.

3.More transmission functions: 

Bluetooth can add more data transmission functions, and the data transmission capacity is up to 8 times. 

In addition, hardware vendors can create more complex connection systems such as Beacon or location services via Bluetooth.

smart lighting tunable white troffer

Bluetooth VS Zigbee

Anti-interference perfromance
Frequency band2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Battery poweredcancannot
Movable controlcancannot



The network nodes of the Zigbee system must be in the receiving and receiving state at any time. 

The battery is difficult to meet the demand and must be a large power supply.


The Bluetooth operating device can be a mobile phone, IPAD. 

As long as the device has power, you can complete daily operations.



Need a gateway, you need to upload information to the cloud. 

Need to bind your own mailbox. 

All data is stored on the local server, but it is too expensive and requires dedicated staff and space to operate and keep it.


No need for a gateway, no need to upload the cloud.

No need to bind your mobile phone number or mailbox to set your own account and password.



Due to the different protocols of each vendor, it takes time to complete compatibility and interoperability.


Bluetooth mesh provides multi-vendor interoperability, ensuring that products purchased from one vendor work perfectly with other vendors' products.

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smart lighting tunable white troffer

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