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Things you need to know about led retrofit kit magnetic light strip

Nov. 23, 2020

Things you need to know about led retrofit kit magnetic light strip


Have you been considering a retrofit for your office, warehouse, or other commercial space for quite a while? We know that there are a lot of factors that go into making such an important decision, such as upfront cost and the time spent researching and ordering materials you’ll need to complete the project. These details, as well as the confusion that might come into play when figuring out your retrofit plan, can often delay a project indefinitely, especially when you already have your plate full of work projects and other responsibilities.


Though we understand how these concerns and problems can lead to a delay in your retrofit project, we also want to stress how important it is do a retrofit sooner rather than later. You may think that a project like this can wait, but by doing so you’re cheating yourself out of saving money. The benefits of retrofitting your existing fixtures with LED technology only compound over time, which means that the sooner you change over your lights, the sooner you’ll experience savings on your energy bill.


Because LED lights use only a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional filament and fluorescent bulbs, LED retrofit kits magnetic light strip are a smart way to cut total energy costs to your business or facility.

By using LED magnetic light strip retrofit kit, your business can replace a traditional light bulb (or lamp) with an LED equivalent, without replacing the existing lighting fixture or lighting installation.

If you don’t yet know the difference between and LED lamp, light, bulb, and fixture, not to worry. ARK is here to help you learn everything you need to know when choosing the right retrofit lighting solution.


Because LED lighting is lighter, thinner, integrated, and puts out less heat than a traditional fixture—like our troffer—  it can require a kit to correctly refit the older fixture.


An LED retrofit kit is usually little more than an LED light with an integrated connection allowing the new lamp to easily sit in the old fixture.


But that’s not all. LED lighting offers superior CRI, or Color Rendering Index. This means choosing to upgrade for energy efficiency also gets you a visibility upgrade, too!


To understand why you should make an LED retrofit one of your top priorities, you have to understand the real cost of your lighting system versus the upfront cost. That way, next time you’re looking at lighting options online, you aren’t tempted by the seemingly cheaper options in front of you and end up losing a lot of money in the process.

The Money-Saving Products award program focuses on manufacturers and companies with products that support commercial buildings and create cost savings to facilities managers and building owners.

The Retrofit Kit with dimming Technology product from ARK Lighting was chosen due to its versatility in both types of buildings and what it can do. It not only uses energy efficient LEDs and has a simple installation process using existing light fixtures, but it actually update commercial lighting in a unique way.


Wide Application of Magnetic LED Troffer Retrofit Kit


Super Bright

High output LED Strips featuring 5,400lumens,led efficiency is up to 150lm/w,brighter than other fluorescent tubes


Easy to Install

Four steps and five minutes to install (see the sixth picture or the instruction).Simply attach the magnetic retrofit LED kit inside the existing fixture.No need special tools


Long Life Span

With an astonishing life rating of 50,000+ hours,or 21 years with 6 hrs/day of use,replacing your tubes is now a thing of the past


Safe and Durable

Made with the highest quality Components.No UV or IR radiation.Does not contain mercury



Energy cost saving on utility bills

LED lighting can really move the needle in reducing the consumption of electricity for your building or facility. If we look at specific wattages, a typical 2x4 fluorescent troffer light can utilize up to 160 watts per fixture.


If we examine the same fixture utilizing LED technology instead, we see that the same fixture utilizes between 30 and 50 watts per fixture. This results in a 50% to 80% reduction in cost savings just by making the switch to LED.


To put this in dollars, by converting your lighting to LED you could save up to $81 per fixture, per year in energy costs alone. Depending on the size of your facility this can really add up over time.


Maintenance Costs

The way LEDs generate light and progress through their functional life results in a much longer operating life compared to a conventional fluorescent troffer light. LED troffer lifetimes to range from 50,000 to 150,000 hours and can have up to a 10-year manufacturer warranty.


Since LED light fixtures are not negatively affected by frequent on/off cycles, maintenance costs are reduced in those environments when the LED ceiling lights are used.


For a typical warehouse lighting or commercial lighting space with multiple 2x4 LED troffers, end users can expect to realize up to $2,952 in maintenance cost savings over the course of 3 years.


Lighting Performance

While reducing energy costs and maintenance costs are paramount to keeping organizations efficient. It’s also critically important to ensure the performance of the lighting isn’t compromised.


From this standpoint LED’s are in a class of their own. LED’s distribute light differently providing an evener foot-candle on the space below. Additionally, LED troffers are available in a wide range of CCTs (correlated color temperature), which provides end users the ability to select a specific aesthetic look of a given space, and a high CRI (color rendering index) ensures that anyone working under the LED Lighting can clearly see what they are working on.


Another benefit of LED troffers is the ability of the fixtures to dim. This development is a drastic change for end users, as they are now able to change the operating conditions after their LED magnetic strip retrofit kit, and adapt to the usage needs of individual rooms or spaces quickly without compromising the functionality of the LED lights themselves.


Have you moved your lighting from fluorescent to LEDs already or looking forward to changing? Let us know in the comments.


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