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The benifit of magnetic LED strip retrofit kit

Dec. 17, 2020

The benifit of magnetic LED strip retrofit kit

Replace your aging 2x2, 1x4 and 2x4 troffer fixture, or linear/vapor light fixture currently using our LED magnetic strip retrofit kit is an optimal option. This retrofit kit eliminates pending ballast failures, lamp flickering, dimness, and immediately saves 30% or more on the light fixture's energy consumption.

Compare to replace a whole new fixture, LED magnetic strip retrofit kit is more easier installation, save much of labor cost. Moreover, the transportation cost is quarter of a whole fixture.


Designing magnetic blocks to both the strip kits and LED drivers, quick and easy installation almost without tools.

Guaranteed reduction on energy consumption and lower operating costs.

130lm/w (with PC cover) & 140lm/w (without cover) high efficiency high lumen output retrofit kits, replacing actual fluorescent tube by use lower power magnetic strip retrofit kits, save more energy.

One driver with 1/2/3/4 strip kits to meet different demands. Hot sale version is one driver with 2 strip kits, 24w or 36w dimming version.

LED Driver includes: 

Auto-compensate feature to ensure “fail safe” operation.

0-10V dimming version & non-dimming version for optional; Upgraded version with bluetooth smart control.

Frosted Smooth Acrylic Diffuser mitigates glare and provides color-rendering index of 81 and above.


Retrofitting is less than half the cost compared to replacing the entire lighting system

Can easily be field installed by a qualified electrician.

Immediately gain high efficacy and higher lumen output from your lighting system

50,000-hour plus average service compared to 20,000-hour fluorescent lamps

DLC® Certified — Your retrofitted LED lighting system qualifies for energy-saving rebates from your local utility.

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