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Smart lighting trends in the LED industry

Dec. 07, 2020

Smart lighting trends in the LED industry

Of all the trends in the LED industry, smart LED lighting is the newest and perhaps the most transformative one. But we found after several years, due to the lack of real innovative applications, the hype of intelligent LED products has gradually reduced. However, the following trends about intelligent lights are becoming obvious, such as:


1. An increase in the innovation of smart LED fixtures


So far, only a few LED manufacturers have introduced smart LED fixtures compared with traditional manufacturers. This shows, once competitive devices launched, the smart LED industry will grow rapidly. Like ARK Smart Inc /TioslTechnololgy owns smart tunable troffer, panel lights, smart dimming linear high bay/ UFO, etc. The SSL system is easy to install, easy to use, and highly secure, No gateways or panels required.


2. Competitive edge in the LED lighting market


Due to the saturation of the LED lighting market, LED manufacturers are always looking for various ways to cut down costs. The intelligent LEDs have characteristics of energy saving will become an obvious competitive edge. Ark/Tiosl is to apply the SSL system to NLC for a better rebate of end-use, which can help a lot for customers, not only for functional control but also for cost-effectiveness.


global smart lighting market share

3. Use of intelligent LEDs in the industry has become a real demand


Industrial lighting is generally to have large power, which results in serious energy consumption. Moreover, industrial lighting always has many circuits and distribute widespread, which makes it difficult to manage. But the intelligent LEDs will completely solve these problems, the usage of sub-regional control, time-division control, and daylight sensor control will greatly reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs.

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