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Smart Lighting Solution and Products, as Smart UFO High Bay, Panel and Tri-proof

Nov. 10, 2020

Smart Lighting Solution and Products, as Smart UFO High Bay, Panel and Tri-proof

TIOSL, a smart lighting solution company, has been concentratingon one purposethat is dedicated to improve people’s life to achieve a more productive and sustainable future. Over the years, based on the actual needs of customers, with the technology of LED lighting, the fittest and the most economical smart lightingsolutions are brought to customers.

TIOSL products:

Smart led high bay, smart UFO high bay, smart led panel light ,smart backlit panel light ,smartled tri-proof light and so on... Our main products are smart UFO high bay, smart backlit panel light and smartled tri-proof light. Those products have been widely sold all over the world as smart UFO high bay for Australia, smart backlit panel light and smartled tri-proof light for Europe and America.

TIOSL control system

It is based on Bluetooth wireless communication technology.When we use Bluetooth, the first step is to be paired.For traditional one, it is single to single to be paired. But for Bluetooth low energy, it is single to many to form a mesh by broadcasting.

What is BLE?

Called Bluetooth low energy Technology, which is a wireless technology of low cost, short distant transmission and great interoperability, using many intelligent ways to lower the energy consumption to the great extend.

The Bluetooth working way:

Bluetooth works in the form of a mesh network;The point in the picture is equivalent to a light;They can be operated by the mobile phone, physical switches and other controllers; You can control the lights in the whole network; The lights are connected to each other, the damage of one light won’t affect the others.

The advantages of using Bluetooth control system:

Using wireless BLE mesh network, high technology, no gateway, directly connecting mobile App, installing and playing, it is easy to operate;Only power line needed, installation overhead saves it;Supporting area&group&scene control, convenience comes with it; DLC&NLC certified, it is more energy saving and environment friendly;Occupancy sensor and photon sensor, interacting to maintain comfortable lighting;Supporting circadian, human orientation, more healthy and comfortable;No registration, no password, users’ autonomous control authority, high privacy protection;Innovative wireless adaptation technology, it is easy to search and set high reliability and high conformity for wireless control;Accurate dimming calculation, super low power consumption switch.

Smart UFO led high bay:

More installation cost saving, Bluetooth wireless control, no extra wire line needed, Wireless Switch can be installed anywhere;More Energy saving, High light efficacy of 170LM/W, Microwave sensor for automatic adjustment of lamp brightness; As the lamp is 100% brightness when peoplecomes, the lamp is off orA portion of brightness when people leaves; Further energy saving 40% compared with normal led high bay;More convenience, electricity statistics for electricity bill calculation, timing function for timing switch, single lamp and group lamps control;More labor cost and time saving, emergency lamp test forjudgment of the emergency lamp working condition, work well or doesn't work.

Those functions of UFO led high bay make our smart high bay more competitive, our products with innovative technology will also bring high profit to you.Until now, our smart high bay has been widely used in warehouses, factories, workshops, logistics centers,transportation hub, shopping and so on.Of course, there are many other function as dimming, visualized commissioning, clock.

Smart backlit panel light:

Smart backlit panel light most suitable for office lighting, and office lighting the most need SMART control. Because comfortable lighting, convenient operation, they can help to improve work efficiency.Artemis series Smart Backlit LED Panel Light full promote your lighting experience;Bluetooth Mesh technology, no gateway , ensure safe use without any information leakage;Perfect dimming and CCT tunable, let you have your favorite lighting at any time;Infrared sensor & Daylight sensor 2 in 1, more energy saving;Independent R&D APP, Simple setting and easy operation, promote the lighting experience of smart life;High efficiency, up to  130 lm/W,Ra80,PF>0.9 The back-lit technology Without LGP, never turn to yellow; Non-flicker, no dark spot, protect your eyes.

Smart led tri-proof light

Smart led tri-proof light, Bluetooth wireless control, no extra wire line needed; Wireless Switch can be installed anywhere;High light efficacy of 140 LM/W;Microwave sensor for automatic adjustment of lamp brightness, as the lamp is 100% brightness when people comes, the lamp is off or a portion of brightness when people leaves;Electricity statistics for electricity bill calculation;timing function for timing switch;Single lamp and group lamps control;Three hours emergency option;Those functions make our smart tri-proof more competitive, our products with innovative technology will also bring high profit to you.Until now, our smart tri-proof has been widely used in strong corrosion, heavy dust, rain industrial lighting areas such as all kinds of power finished or semi-finished product factories, cold storage, power plants, warehouses, and so on.

Why smart lighting solution:

Because Smart lighting is a lighting technology designed for energy efficiency, convenience and security. This may include high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability. Lighting is the deliberate application of light to achieve some aesthetic or practical effect (e.g. illumination of a security breach). It includes smart led high bay, smart UFO high bay, DALI Smart led high bay, smart led panel light ,smart backlit panel light ,smart led tri-proof light and so on.

What is DALI:

 Lighting control with DALI – The “Digital Addressable Lighting Interface” (DALI) is a communication protocol for building lighting applications and is used for communication between lighting control devices, such as electronic ballasts, brightness sensors or motion detectors. DALI led high bay can be controlled remotely, 16 groups and 16 scenes can be set. As Bluetooth light control, DALI also has many advantages, energy saving and convenient.

DALI with Bluetooth via gateway:

Now a good news that DALI and Bluetooth can be connected in one network through gateway. There are different options to combine wireless communication links with DALI lighting control, which traditionally uses a 2-wire bus.One option is to use an application gateway to translate between DALI and the wireless protocol of choice. The second option is to use an underlying wireless carrier to transport the DALI commands. This approach is specified in Part 104 of the IEC 62386 standard, which includes several wireless and wired transport alternatives to the conventional wired DALI bus system. Part 104 is not currently included in the DALI-2 certification program.The DiiA Technical & Certification Work Group (T&C WG) has two subgroups that are investigating different options (see below), in conjunction with different partner organizations (see right). At this stage, no wireless protocols have been excluded from consideration.

Specifications for DALI to Bluetooth mesh gateways. Members of DiiA (the DALI Alliance) and Bluetooth SIG are developing specifications for a standardized Bluetooth mesh interface for DALI-2 and D4i devices, which will enable connectivity with wireless Bluetooth mesh networks.The collaboration between DiiA and the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the trade association that oversees Bluetooth technology, was announced today.

"Combining Bluetooth mesh with DALI is a natural choice for the commercial lighting industry,” says Paul Drosihn, DiiA General Manager. “The combination enables sensor-rich lighting systems and will deliver powerful new IoT capabilities to building managers. This will include automated light-level and color control, advanced luminaire performance monitoring including energy usage and predictive maintenance, as well as enhanced services such as asset tracking and indoor navigation."

"Commercial building owners around the world are being asked to improve energy efficiency while also enhancing the occupant experience,” said Mark Powell, CEO of the Bluetooth SIG. “The IoT-enabled intelligent lighting systems this collaboration enables promise to deliver the exact solution these building owners need."

 So IoT is the trend, smart lighting is one of them. Smart led high bay, smart UFO high bay, DALI Smart led high bay, smart led panel light ,smart backlit panel light ,smart led tri-proof light will be taking more and more share in the future, so please begin to focus on those products now, you will take a head start, make it all the way to the top.




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