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Jun. 21, 2021




Magnetic LED Light Strip Retrofit Kit

Modern-day consumers look for lighting options that help them save on energy costs. Replacing fluorescent, HID, or other lights with LEDs is becoming increasingly popular.  LED lighting retrofits are high in demand because of their energy efficiency and operational savings.  LED retrofits can save 50% more energy than the traditional light sources such as incandescent, halogen, and high-intensity discharge (HID)

As stated by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, lighting makes up roughly 26% of the energy use in commercial buildings.  LED light sources are introduced as more suitable alternatives to halogen and fluorescent lamps which have long been used traditionally.

The Ark Lighting retrofits kit Magnetic LED strips are an energy-efficient and economical replacement for the existing T12 and T8 strip fixtures and Troffers in drop-in ceilings or existing industrial strips or wrap fixtures. These strips distribute light within an aluminum extrusion lighting fixture evenly and are magnetic-backed to provide an easy installation.  

Replace the fluorescent tubes in your light fixtures with our energy-efficient and economic LED magnetic retrofit kits, backed by our best-in-class 50,000-hour rated lamp life and a 10-year warranty!

LED Retrofit Kits

LED retrofit kits are designed to work with the existing housing or light fixture bodies of your present lights without having to replace anything.  Retrofitting is the process of substituting new technology and features to an existing light fixture in place of the old one. For lighting fixtures, retrofit kits contain hardware and parts for the increased productivity and performance of existing light fixtures.  LED retrofit kits are high in demand these days, mainly because of the simplicity they provide by allowing you to upgrade to the benefits of LED lighting without supplanting all your lighting fixtures. LED Retrofit kits most commonly exist for these setups:

Fluorescent to LED Retrofits :

Replacing your 4 ft. and 8 ft. strip lights, architectural fixtures, troffer, grid mount, and drop ceiling lights with LED

Metal Halide to LED Conversions:

Converting High bay, low bay, flood, canopy, and wall pack lights fixtures into LED.

High-pressure Sodium to LED Retrofit Kits

 Retrofitting  Street lights, parking lot lights, high bay, low bay, flood, canopy, and wall pack lights fixtures to LED.

Metal Halide to LED Conversion Kits:

For both the metal halides and the HPS lighting fixture, by and large, it tends to be retrofitted with your choice of induction bulbs and drivers, or a LED panel with a high output driver.

Fluorescent to LED Retrofit Kits

Converting fluorescent lights to LED comes with several options of T8's, T5's, T5HO's or LED retrofit light bulbs. Retrofitting to LED T8 comes with the following choices

· Lamp or bulb with an inner driver embodied within the lamp. This option is directly wired to the tombstones and uses no driver to get done.

· T8 LED with an outer driver which is mounted like ballast in old traditional fluorescents.

· Easy to change T8 lamps that require no wiring at all and work of the traditional fluorescent ballast as a driver for the LEDs.

With a wide selection of retrofit lighting kits available at Ark lighting, you have multiple options to choose from such as induction, LED, strip lighting, troffer lighting, and more with our list of reasonably priced and reliable solutions.

Regardless of whether you are looking to retrofit fluorescent to LED or change T12 lamps to more productive T8 lamps, we have you covered. Our retrofit lighting kits are backed with extended warranties to guarantee long-lasting performance and added convenience. To learn more about our LED Retrofitting kits, our lighting experts would be glad to help you in tracking down the right lighting solution for your location and specific lighting needs. So let's begin!

 What are Magnetic LED Strips retrofit kits?

LED strip lights comprise a series of surface-mounted light-emitting diodes( LEDs), populated over a flexible circuit board with a magnetic backing. These strips have a flat, low profile shape which makes them easy to install and cut where needed, making them a more flexible lighting tool as compared to other lighting options. The dimmable Magnetic light strips can be controlled via wireless dimming systems, DMX controllers, and wall switches.


Magnetic LED strip light Retrofit kits can be used wherever fluorescent tube light Troffers and strip lights are used. Contrary to entire fixture replacement, including the housing and LED bulb, Magnetic LED strip light Retrofit kits can connect to all types of linear lighting fixtures such, such as metal halide, high-pressure sodium, mercury vapor or fluorescent or recessed can fixtures, “ magnetically, thereby eliminating the need for tombstones and ballasts. These are the quickest and simplest fluorescent retrofit kits available. Regardless of the kind of ballast, the number of tubes, or the size of your troffer, Ark Lighting Magnetic LED strips are designed to provide a comprehensive retrofit solution.

Magnetic LED strip retrofit kits consist of a strip of LED lights and a driver. Both the LED lights and their driver have magnetic support that enables you to fix them into the metal interior of troffer and strip light fixtures without needing any tools, screws, or sockets.

LED Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kit is a hot-selling product as it saves you from the annoyance of changing the entire fixture by letting you substitute the defective lamp directly, cutting down the installation cost, while still taking on the more energy-efficient LED technology and enjoying all the benefits LEDs have to offer.

Where can magnetic led strip light retrofit kits be used?

The LED Magnetic Strips retrofit kit by Ark Lighting is a flexible solution for unlimited applications. They can be installed in a wide range of residential and commercial applications such as Roof fixtures, factories, general lighting, hospitals, office lighting, strip light fixtures, warehouses, air orts, libraries, and hospitality environments. In addition to being easy to install, the kits provide a dependable, durable light hotspot for years to come.

Benefits of Using LED Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits:


Magnetic strip retrofit kits are easy to install because of their magnetic backing. Unlike traditional lighting options, you don’t have to connect your building's wiring to individual sockets just to wire the power to the LED driver.  To connect the strips, all you have to do is to plug them into the driver using quick-connect cables.

Keeps the Existing Fixture Housing Installed

Magnetic LED strips and the driver can easily connect to linear lighting fixtures of all types, thereby eliminating the need for tombstones and ballasts.

Lower Upfront Cost vs New Fixture

Lighting cost is the one thing that worries a lot of people when it comes to commercial buildings. People are turning towards environment-friendly, user-friendly yet affordable lighting choices. They demand solutions that not only serve their purpose but are also modern variants to the traditional light sources as well. This is where a LED Retrofit kit comes into play. They provide lower upfront costs by saving you from the hassle of installing new fixtures.


The magnetic LED retrofit kits help you use LED high bay lights without changing existing settings on your property which means if you are looking to convert to LEDs, but are concerned if your old fitting can house the LED lights, Retrofit kits are the best solution. Besides saving on installation, LED strip lights are energy-efficient too, which means you are going to save a great deal on your energy bills as compared to conventional incandescent bulbs.


You should choose magnetic strip Retrofit kits because of the flexibility and versatility they have to offer. Regardless of whether it is a home, garage, commercial building, or office, These flexible lighting tools have the capability to meet all your illumination needs effectively.


Another reason why LEDs are becoming increasingly popular is that, unlike fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, they do not burn out with ease. They can last you thousand of lighting hours, thereby providing an economic lighting solution in the long run. At Ark Lighting, our Magnetic LED strip lights are backed by 50,000- hour rated lamp life and 10 years life.   

Potential Dimming and Control Capabilities

As compared to other lighting systems, Magnetic strip lights run more efficiently and offer utmost brightness instantly. A dimmable magnetic strip of 4 ft is 112.5 Lumens per Watt compared to 105 Lumens per watt of a 4ft tube which means you get more light out of each Watt. Another salient feature of Magnetic strip kits is that they can be upgraded to dimmable by adding a dimmable driver option at the time of purchase.

Why you should upgrade to Magnetic strip Retrofit kits:

If you are searching for the ease of installation that magnetic lighting options have to offer, energy and cost-efficient magnetic strip lights will meet your needs to the highest standards. Although they provide a similar simplicity to LED replacement lamps, their performance level is much higher than other lighting options, predominantly regarding lighting controls.

The Ark Lighting: Why choose us for your LED Retrofit?

As you can see, there are just too many reasons why you should go for LED retrofitting for your homes and businesses if you have made up your mind, the ark lighting has a wide range of Magnetic LED light strip retrofit kits that are both economic and energy-efficient. Not only do we plan your retrofit at Ark lighting, but also attain a rebate to balance the costs. Contact us today to know more about our Magnetic LED Light Strip Retrofit Kits.

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