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Smart control LED school light

Jan. 22, 2021

Smart control LED school light


LED school lighting, unlike fluorescent lighting, can enhance a school's learning environment. This helps children feel safer in school. LEDs also create healthy indoor and outdoor spaces for learning and creative expression. It strengthens a school's reputation and brand.


The energy efficiency of LED lights, plus their many benefits, make them perfect for schools. They help create an environment conducive to learning and have no toxic materials. These solid state lighting fixtures are becoming more affordable, energy-efficient, and sophisticated. They are very easy to use.


These days, a lot of emphasis is being placed on the impact of building design on human health. LEDs have easy integration with lighting control technology. It can go a long way towards helping build a healthy environment for all school staff and students.


Forward-thinking, tunable LED lighting is the future of efficient school lighting systems. LEDs with flexible controls and tunable white light help create ideal learning areas. It allows adjustable light color temperatures for optimal classroom lighting for specific activities.


More benefits of our tunable white LED troffer:

* 2700-6500K color tuning

* App & remote control

* With motion & daylight 2-in-1 sensor

* Support timer, scenes, scheduling setting

* Real-time electricity statistics.


The timer and scenes setting can help to create various of applications, class scenes, break scenes, presentation scenes and after school scenes. To make the school lighting more intelligent, comfortable and safe.

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