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Arkshine - the Easiest Smart Lighting Solution

Mar. 05, 2024

Arkshine - the Easiest Smart Lighting Solution

Smart commercial lighting is an idea that has developed very rapidly in recent years. Smart lighting based on advanced technologies such as various smart sensors, hardware devices and software control system, changing the way we use and control lighting in different applications, making lighting more energy-efficient, and minimizing costs and energy consumption. 

There are a variety of smart lighting systems on the market today, each with unique features and benefits. Arkshine is committed to making smart lighting system simpler and user-friendly, and it is our goal to become the provider of the easiest smart lighting solutions. 

1. Customized Lighting Solutions

Arkshine smart lighting solution allows users to customize lighting settings by installing smart LED lighting fixtures, smart sensors and various control devices, such as adjusting color temperature, brightness, smart sensor status, and creating groups and scenes to meet different lighting needs. 

2. Easy to Install 

Most of Arkshine's hardware devices, such as lighting fixtures, smart sensors and various control devices, are plug-and-play and can be easily installed and set up by users. Arkshine also offers partially retrofitted smart lamps, allowing you to upgrade traditional lamps into smart lamps without having to replace them all, which is a cost-effective and relatively simple solution. 

3. Simplify Commission 

Arkshine smart lighting system enables users to link to the lighting system using a smartphone or cloud platform to simplify commission. In addition, the design of Arkshine's commissioning APP is very lightweight and easy, reducing a variety of complex and cumbersome commission steps and functions, allowing users to get started quickly, saving time and effort. 

4. Remote Control 

Traditional light switches require on-site operation. After being replaced with smart lamps, the Arkshine smart lighting system allows users to remotely control and monitor the lamps through smartphone application or cloud platform. Various operations can not require setup it on site improving the convenience of the lighting system. 

 In short, whether it is an office, warehouse, parking lot or even on the street, using Arkshine smart lighting solutions can not only simplify the steps of commission lamps, but also maximize the lighting environment of the overall space while meeting different lighting needs, and save energy consumption to the maximum extent.

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