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Z10 Microwave Sensor

Z10 Microwave Sensor

Indoor Smart Sensors , Plug & Play

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Operating voltage: DC12V

Operating current: 150mA (max)

Max. transmit power: 8dBm

Rx sensitivity: -92dB

Communication frequency: 2405 - 2480MHz

Mounting height: <50ft or 15m (open environment)

Photosensitive range: 10 - 1000Lux

Operating temperature: -20 - +60℃

Max. communication distance: 50m

Dimension: 52mm(L) x 52mm(W) x 27.2mm(H)

IP rating: IP65

Weight: 35g


Bluetooth mesh wireless network with Z10 interface

Adjustable sensitivity microwave sensor

Light sensor, maintain constant illumiance lighting

Bluetooth mesh control single dimming

Magnet reset function.(magent is close to the top of the module for 5 seconds to achieve reset)


Widely used in schools, gymnasium, warehouse, parking lot, factory, maintenance plant and other places need energy-saving/automatic control applications.

Z10 Microwave Sensor

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