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Jack Microwave Sensor

Jack Microwave Sensor

Indoor Smart Sensors , Plug & Play

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Operating voltage: DC12V

Operating current: 150mA (max)

Max. transmit power: 8dBm

Rx sensitivity: -92dB

Communication frequency: 2405 - 2480MHz

Mounting height: <50ft or 15m (open environment)

Photosensitive range: 10 - 1000Lux

Operating temperature: -20 - +60℃

Max. communication distance: 100m

Dimension: 52mm(L) x 52mm(W) x 48.1mm(H)

IP rating: IP65

Weight: 65g


Jack connector

Bluetooth mesh wireless network

Adjustable sensitivity microwave sensor

Daylight sensor, maintain constant illuminance lighting

Bluetooth mesh control single-channel dimming

Magnet reset function. (magnet is close to the top of the module for 5 seconds to achieve reset)


Widely used in schools, gymnasium, warehouse, parking lot, factory, maintenance plant and other places need energy-saving/automatic control applications.

Jack Microwave Sensor

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